Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekly Unplugged Project- Bottle

This week for The Weekly Unplugged Project the theme was Bottle.I finally got to make use of the little glass bottles I bought at the Thrift Store for $1.29!
After going through ideas for bottle I knew we already did an I Spy bottle with rice and an ocean in a bottle, so I wanted something different. He's into anything with water and we've been working on color mixing for awhile so this idea was born.

First, using a funnel (for the first time) he poured water into each glass bottle.
Picture 003
Then he followed the "recipe" cards to color the water. We used 6 bottles and made 6 colors!

Picture 026

Then of course, he wanted to mix them all up.

This always fits in with the rainbow theme and all the rainbow projects I have been wanting to do.


  1. Thats neat! Good use out of your thrifted bottles!

  2. I love the bottles! My kids love water and color mixing also! Great post.

  3. We are doing a rainbow theme week of school here this week-and this will be a great addition to that--thanks for posting this!

  4. I thought about doing something like that, but figured I'd have to drink a lot of soda to get enough bottles. Those bottles are really cool.

  5. I like your little "recipe cards" to help him know what colors to add. The bottles might also be fun with different levels of water in them and then you can "play" them with a spoon! :)

  6. I like that idea. My daughter loves the food colouring!

  7. ohhh I love your bottles. I can imagine that this was a real fun one. I still love coloring and pouring water.