Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nuts & Bolts

I introduced this a couple weeks ago and he wasn't too interested. I set it out again last week along with the two short and long labeled baskets. In theory he was to screw a nut on the bolt and put it in the long or short basket. I really thought he'd like this activity being crazy about tools and all. I was wrong. He did about three and then just wanted to dump them out and have them attack each other. Maybe I will try again in a few weeks. Luckily they were only a dollar at the dollar store!


  1. I would think this would be a hit...maybe later!

  2. I like your blog!
    Maybe it's too simple for him. Add some larger nuts and bolts and some magnets...If nothing else he can build a cool sculpture...You can see ours's the 4th picture of 33. He is lucky to have you as his Nanny. :)