Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Corn Syrup Painting AKA Shiny Paint

Original instructions came from Kinderart. This is the second time we made this type of painting but the first time we did it was over a year ago and he had forgotten all about it.

I put some corn syrup into a cup and had him spread it on the paper with a big paintbrush. This stuff is sticky!

Then I put a few drops of yellow food coloring and a few drops of blue food coloring to start. I gave him two Q-tips and had him mix the colors in the corn syrup to make green. I told him he could use his fingers if he wanted, but he decided not to. Smart boy. Then I put some more colors around for him to mix into new colors. After a few days the painting dried really shiny.


  1. Condensed milk also makes shiny paint. Hahahaha, when we did it I didn't give my kids a paint brush so they had no choice but to use their fingers.

  2. That looks like a lot of fun. My little one would love it.

  3. FUN!! I like the Qtip idea instead of ruining a brush.

  4. That is a neat idea. They would love the stickiness! Great idea to use household items. Thanks for linking up to Kid Friendly Friday!