Thursday, March 5, 2009

How many, many feet you meet.

Why didn't I warn him to STAY ON THE PAPER OR WOOD FLOOR??! I turned my back for one minute and he had ran around the room onto the carpet. It was my own fault. I didn't tell him not to.

What am I talking about? THIS!


I rolled out two looong pieces of paper. (I found a roll at the thrift store for like a dollar) And I taped the ends down.
I put paint on a cookie sheet.

Then he went wild walking up and down the paper. It worked better when I actually painted his feet. Plus it tickled.

That was yesterday. Today:


We used some text from The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss and wrote them on the banner/mural. I had him write FEET and FOOT whenever it came up.

Close Ups of the finished product.

I got the words from here. I can not believe we didn't have an actual copy of the book!


  1. That's a great project...too bad about the carpet! Thanks for the comment about where to put pdf files. I'll look into those sites, they look very usable!

  2. What a great project. My daughter loves for me to paint her hands and feet.

  3. We did something like this in Gymboree, just the food painting are so brave to do it at home!! Yours came out much better than that time Emily was not into getting paint anywhere on her body! I love how you used the words from the book on it.