Friday, April 3, 2009

Simple Ship Craft

How many 4 year olds are obsessed with the Titanic? I only know of one. This kid over here. I am in desperate NEED OF Titanic/Ship related activities. Here's an easy project I found over at Enchanted Learning. He wasn't too impressed with it because it didn't have any smoke stacks.


  1. You could make tin foil boats and test the strength of it by counting pennies or butter knives that it can hold in water. :) I never taught the class, but know it was always a big hit.

  2. - might be too hard for him. - its a bath time game but you can always just get a large plastic tub and do it there.

    I don't know how much a boy would like it but you can try to recreate the necklace from the movie and give it to his mom for mothers day or something.

    For "boat-in-a-bottle" save clear water bottles and make a cutout along the side of the bottle. Have him draw one of the ships or, again use a cut-out, with a TAB on the bottom. Glue this to a piece of cardboard colored
    blue. Glue the bottle over the ship and there it is