Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Flour and Peas and Sieves oh my!

"Indy" ALWAYS asks to play with the flour when we cook anything involving it. I let him every now and then. When I saw this idea at The Wonder Years I knew I had to try it. I used flour and black eyed peas that we usually use for counting activities. He put the black eyed peas into the flour and stirred it up. Then he used the sieve to fish the peas out. It worked really well. Our sieve wasn't as small or cute as The Wonder Years one but it was small enough for him to handle. He learned to tap the sieve against his other palm to shake the flour out. Of course all the tools were soon abandoned for his hands!


  1. Great idea! I'm going to try it out!

  2. Very fun hands-on activity with everyday type stuff. It's on my I need to remember to LOOK AT THE LIST! Thanks for linking - enjoy your weekend!