Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Carrot Collage

This turned out so cute! And it as beyond easy! The inspiration for this project came from No Time For Flashcards!

At first I picked out a small piece of cardboard to use, then he said "I want a HUGE carrot!" So, we cut some poster board in half and used that.

I had him cut up pieces of Green and Orange construction paper and Green and Orange Tissue Paper into baskets. He loves using scissors! Kids could also tear up the pieces with their hands. Then he applied glue ALL OVER the a carrot shape I drew on the paper. I helped a bit because it was a HUGE CARROT and I added more glue as needed. We let dry and then I cut it out. So cute!


  1. really cute ! I'm putting it on my list of Letter Cc activities!

  2. yes! we did this today too!

    : )

    and as the mama of my own three, let me just thank you for putting the energy you clearly do into caring for this little guy.

    wonderful, wonderful