Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekly Unplugged Project- Clothing

This is our first week participating in The Weekly Unplugged Challenge over at Unplug Your Kids. The theme was "Clothing" and I couldn't think of ANYTHING to do with real clothes except Tie Dye and I didn't have enough time to do that this week. (even though I really want to do it soon!) So after looking at some of the other entries I came up with two ideas.

The first one I printed off from here: Making Learning Fun.

It was a little too easy for him. Here's "Indy" putting it together:

The next project was Clothesline addition problems. I wrote the equations on the Pants and the answers on the shirts. He liked it a lot more than I thought. The only problem was the clothespins were too heavy for the paper clothes. Not enough planning ahead on my part. I am going to look for mini clothespins or something next time I am out and about.

The Problem.

Edit: March 1
Found mini clothespins and they work so much better and are so cute!


  1. I really like the math clothes line!

  2. Another fun math activity for our addition post, I'll be linking to this as well.